Malt Odour Removal System

Ees established a odour removal system for Türk Tuborg brewery in İzmir. This project reduced bad smells to legal standards and was launched in December 2014.

Project Excerpt

The Carlsberg group in the Turkish Tuborg brewery in Izmir, some chimneys were causing a bad smell of steam above the legal limits. To avoid the harmful effects of these gases, their concentration had to be reduced to the levels specified in the regulations. Türk Tuborg wanted to lower the odor level below 1000 KB / m3 with the support of EES.

Project Details

  • Client: Türk Tuborg Beer and Malt Industry Inc.
  • Date ready: December 2014
  • Industry: Food
  • Website:

Project Numbers

  • Odor Removal Test Results: 250 KB / m3 (almost odorless)
  • Tanks: 2 units
  • Scrubber Material: Stainless AISI 316L