Odour Removal System with 100% Guaranteed Result

Ees installed a twin odour removal system for the Anadolu Efes brewery in Izmir. This project reduced bad smells to legal standards and was launched in May 2014.

Project Excerpt

At the Anadolu Efes brewery of the Efes beverage group in Izmir, there was a steam exit from some chimneys, which caused the smell to go above the legal limits. To avoid the harmful effects of these gases, their concentration had to be reduced to the levels specified in the Turkish regulations. Anadolu Efes wanted to reduce its odor level to below 800 KB / m3.

Therefore, considering the EPA and EU 2000/76 / EC standards as well as the regulations issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, EES designed and constructed an odour treatment system for Anadolu Efes.

Project Details

  • Customer: Anadolu Efes Brewery and Malt Industry Inc.
  • Date Ready: May 2014
  • Industry: Food
  • Website: www.anadoluefes.com.tr

Project  Numbers

  • Odor Removal Test Results: 350 KB / m3 (almost odorless)
  • Tanks: 4 units
  • Scrubber Material: Stainless AISI 316L