Turkey’s Most Efficient Biogas Plant

Manure and other organic wastes from the farms are processed in fermentation tanks with a capacity of 475 tons / day, with a volume of 17,000 m3 and the biogas obtained is converted into electricity by means of cogeneration units with a 3.5 MWe total high efficiency. The project was implemented by EES as a turnkey project. The construction of the project was carried out with high standards in accordance with the Turkish earthquake specifications. The installation of Turkey’s largest biogas plant at that time with 3.5 MWe installed capacity at Enfaş oart of the Sütaş Group company, using cattle manure was started in 2013, it was completed in April 2014 and “green” energy has started production than. In addition, steam and hot water produced in the facility are used in the Sütaş production facilities. The remaining digestate is sold as organic fertilizer. It is still the most efficient facility of Sütaş. According to Sütaş’s annual report in 2017, they use only 8 tons of raw material for 1 MWe / hour at the Karacabey plant. In this way it is 20% more efficient than Sütaş’s other facilities.

Project Excerpt

Turkey’s high quality biogas plant using cow and chicken manure  was established in 2014 at  Karacabey by ees. After five years In 2019 it is still one of Turkey’s most efficient plants.

Project Details

  • Customer: Sütaş – Enfaş
  • Date ready: July 2014
  • Industry: Food
  • Website: www.sutas.com.tr

Project Numbers

  • Digesters: 4 + 2 hydrolysis tanks
  • Mixers: 16
  • kWe / hour: 3500
  • Type: Mesophilic / Thermophilic Fermentation