Turkey’s First Ever Biogas Plant

Manure that is produced as waste from the farms are processed in a fermentation tank with a volume of 1900 m3 and the biogas obtained is converted to electricity by a 350 kW (e) high efficiency cogenerator. The project was implemented by EES as a turnkey project. The construction of the project was carried out with high standards in accordance with the Turkish earthquake specifications. The project design was ready for future developments.

Project Excerpt

The team in charge of the biogas plant are given extensive training in both the Netherlands and Turkey. Thanks to this project Turkey has gained a modern biogas plant most efficient in green energy production. In this way a lot of information about biogas technology was shared. This project has been realized as part of a mutual economic co-operation between Turkey and the Netherlands.

Project Details

  • Customer: Şütas Tarfaş
  • Date Ready: 2009
  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Website: www.sutas.com.tr

Project  Numbers

  • Digesters: 1
  • Mixers: 3
  • kWe / hour: 350
  • Type: Mesophilic Fermentation