Rendering and Meat Odour Removal System

Ees installed an odor removal system with air absorption for the meat factory of Pınar Entegre Et in İzmir. This project reduced bad smells to legal standards and was launched in September 2015.

Project Excerpt

The ambient air taken from red meat and poultry rendering units was connected to the “cyclone” found on the odour removal system platform with air ducts.

At the same time, the dirty steam coming from the cooking boilers, passing through the heat exchanger, aqueous condenser and in the condensate tanks was connected to the entrance of the odour removal system by a collector outlet. All of this incoming air and steam was absorbed by the chimney fan located at the outlet of the odor removal system.

Project Details

  • Customer: Pınar Entegre Meat and Flour Industry Inc.
  • Date ready: September 2015
  • Industry: Food
  • Website:

Project Numbers

  • Odor Removal Test Results: 350 KB / m3 (almost odorless)
  • Tanks: 2 units
  • Scrubber Material: Stainless AISI 316L